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  “You fixed the problem fast without pain.” 

David Dobbs Sr; Property Maintenance Manager - Monona, WI.
“…every visit was handled professionally and friendly. I liked the results of the therapy and the knowledge and thoroughness of the therapist. There was never a hurry up and get done even though my appointments were late in the day. I really felt therapist’s interest in improving my problem.” 
Denny Meyer Sr; Concrete Construction Foreman - Bellville, WI.
“The manipulation results in direct relief of tightness & pain that over time, with strength training in the correct way, leads to correction of the underlying problem and not just relief of symptoms.”
Marci Gutt; Research Scientist – Chicago, IL.
“I have had chronic back pain for several years since rupturing a disc in my back.  I have had every type of occupational and physical therapy that there is.  I had been off work for over nine months and my prospects for returning to work were not good.  Nothing really worked.  I was about to resign myself to the idea of taking heavy duty pain medicine or steroid shots in order to get back to work until a doctor sent me to yet another physical therapist.  I wasn't real thrilled with the idea, that is until I actually saw Vince for the first time.  He took the time to actually listen to what I had to say.  He then started to work on my back in a way it had never been worked before!  He zeroed in on the area where I was having the most pain and, by the time my first session came to an end, I was feeling a whole lot better than when I came in!  In six weeks, I went back to work without any pain!!
I highly recommend (AMPT) Advanced Manual Physical Therapy and Vince Kabbaz to anyone who has a problem and hasn't received the proper therapy to relieve it.  I am also willing to give you a verbal recommendation if that is what it takes to get you to go to the best therapy and therapist that I have ever had!”
John Annen; Bus Driver – Monona, WI
“…My muscles in my hip and back were very sore, tight and inflamed. I never thought I would be able to squat or cross my leg again. After only my third visit, Vince Kabbaz has renewed my faith in physical therapy! I am now able to squat, cross my leg and even walk normal. I am extremely pleased with my progress and actually looking forward to my next few sessions…This Advanced Manual Physical Therapy has made a big difference in my life.”
Gayle Freidel - Marshall, WI
“So to all skeptics, take note: Manual Physical Therapy is a marvel, don’t doubt it. The results are truly amazing. Thanks to all at AMPT.”
Brad Cox – Monona, WI
“It’s very hard to improve upon perfection. Liz listened to me and adjusted therapy accordingly.”
James Sharkey; US Postal Service Carrier – Monona, WI
“Informative about preventing further injuries.” 
Steve Wesolek; Auto Technician - Monona, WI.
“…made my rough times with my injury a lot easier.” 
Les Stoflet; Roofer - Sun Prairie, WI.


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