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Sports Enhancement

Enhancing Sports Performance

How do you become the best athlete you can be? You probably already know that peak performance takes hard work, discipline and dedication. The best athletes understand that it’s not how long you train, it’s how smart you train and obtaining great professional advice. Australian based Manual Physical Therapy can help you get there.

Whatever your sport, whatever your skill level – student, weekend warrior, competitive professional – AMPT can develop a program specifically for you, your sport and your
unique physical needs to improve your performance and resolve your injury.

We do this through a thorough examination of you and analyzing the specific demands of your sport. We improve your performance by identifying and correcting:

  • technique issues through direct observation
  • the tissue specific source of your symptoms with our advanced manual techniques.
  • tight muscles, that effect your technique, reduce performance and cause injury. 
  • weak action and opposing muscle groups to improve power and joint control.
  • core stability and coordination to give your body a stable power platform to work from. 

Fully Customized for Your Sport

Every athlete is unique. That’s why we don’t recommend outdated methodologies or ineffective treatment. Instead, we develop and implement a program that works just for you. Your manual therapist will utilize many of the techniques available to conventional therapists but combine them with advanced techniques. We identify the best manual therapy, stretching, strengthening, core stability ‌and neuromuscular control techniques specific for your needs.

The Best You Can Be

Our goal is to help you become the best you can be at your sport. Athletes of every level benefit from our unique approach to training and injury recovery.

Tissue Healing and Preventing Recurrences 

Early physical therapy intervention can also lead to quicker return to your sport after an injury. The sooner an injury is treated, the quicker it generally heals and the sooner you get back to what you love - your sport! There is a wealth of evidence to support this which our therapists will be more than happy to discuss with you.

Skilled manual physical therapy evaluation can detect injured tissues, muscle weakness and flexibility issues. We use our advanced “hands-on” manual therapy techniques to help heal the injured tissue and prescribe specific stretching and strengthening exercises to correct the imbalances. This approach improves performance and reduces the likelihood of recurrences.

Conventional therapies generally address only the symptoms, but our specialized Australian manual techniques address the whole person while still focusing on the cause and other predisposing factors. The result is a quicker return to your sport and better performance.

Working with Coaches and Trainers 

We communicate with coaches and trainers to inform them of what we are doing during each athlete’s rehabilitation program. They need information about what the injury is and how best to deal with it when the athlete is training or competing.

It is very important that the appropriate dosage of strength and stretching exercises are performed when training and warming up. This allows the tissues to progressively adapt, without being overloaded.  We inform your coach or trainer how to best get you back to optimal performance and prevent re-injury in the safest possible way.

The Bottom Line for You

The ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate all pain sources and contributing factors to get the injured tissues back to optimal health so that you can return to your favorite sport in the shortest possible time. There is a wealth of evidence-based research that demonstrates the effectiveness of our manual techniques. Our mission is to help people perform at their best possible level. We want you to move without pain and get stronger so you can perform better and avoid future injuries. So what would you like to do again without pain? Play tennis or golf? Enjoy a hobby? Or simply get back to living life?

For more information on our focused, results-oriented sports enhancement manual therapy program, or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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