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Functional Lift Testing

Gone are the days of expensive, archaic and mind boggling "boring" work hardening programs!

Studies and clinical experience provide clear evidence that keeping an employee at work with appropriate restrictions results in full recovery at a faster rate, thus lowering Workers’ Compensation costs. 

At AMPT, we specialize in Workers’ Compensation cases. We achieve this through our unique Workers’ Compensation Program via the following ways: 

  • Functional Lift Testing
  • Work Transition Training/On-Site Work Conditioning
  • Work-site Evaluations 
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) upon request
  • Specialized Focused Care of the Injury

As a cornerstone of our program, Functional Lift Testing is performed and progressed continually. We graphically convey the employee's lift abilities to the treating physician. The physician can safely keep the employee at work while confidently progressing their lift abilities as they transition back to full work duties - AT THEIR WORKSITE! 

Work Transition Training (or On-Site Work Conditioning) avoids the traditional clinic work hardening programs (which employees tend to hate!). It gets employees back to work faster and retrains them specifically for their job!!!
Worksite Evaluations can be performed when needed and give detailed information on an employee’s skill requirements and ergonomic issues. AMPT will assess employees at their work-site, to fully customize care for their specific job tasks.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) can be performed for physicians and case managers upon request but are generally avoided with AMPT’s Functional Lift Testing, Work Transition Training and On-Site Work Conditioning Programs, saving time and easily avoidable costs.

Specialized Focused Care is paramount, and AMPT’s highly skilled advanced manual therapists are renowned in eliminating pain and getting employees back to full work duties, especially for those “Hard to treat” cases. 

In addition, we work closely with physicians and case managers to coordinate all the necessary treatment for injured employees. We provide prompt and efficient communication with referral sources, employers, case managers, attorneys and their affiliates. 

The goal of our unique customized Workers’ Compensation Program is to employees at work. We reduce pain and symptoms while actually increasing employee productivity. 

AMPT's comprehensive Workers' Compensation Program is what separates us from our competition. We keep the focus on work and regaining real productivity in the work environment.

To learn more about the many ways AMPT can help with work injuries and Workers' Compensation cases, call us today.


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