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Welcome to AMPT Advanced Manual Physical Therapy Specialty PT Clinics

Providing premier Australian based Advanced Manual Physical Therapy services that take therapy to the next level!

Believe our patients - our Australian Physical Therapy training makes all the difference! We generally get patients that have already seen a traditional manual physical therapist and they say that there is a HUGE difference with our Australian Physcial Therapy techniques and the pain relief that they experience at AMPT!

Our Australian based assessment, treatment and clinical reasoning process enables us to fully understand your condition and instantly respond to changes in all your symptoms.

At AMPT, we assess your needs and the unique aspects of your condition. Then we develop a rehabilitation program designed for you – and only you.

More and more doctors around the world are understanding the benefits of referring to Australian trained manual physical therapists. Eventually, traditional physical therapy will be overshadowed by manual therapy’s shorter recovery time and greater benefits. Australia has led the field for decades in this field!

AMPT provides one on one treatment by a licensed physical therapist, not an assistant or aide. We have advanced evidence based postgraduate Master's Degree training in manual physical therapy which results in highly specialized care - the bottom line is quicker pain relief and fewer visits - getting you back to work, sport or life and keeping costs down!!!

Our Programs include our very unique Workers' Compensation Program, Auto Injuries, Pain Elimination, Back and Neck Care and Sports Enhancement.

Treatments may include joint, nerve, & soft tissue mobilizations, home program training, core stability exercises & musculoskeletal imbalance correction.

AMPT offers cutting edge, evidence based, cost-effective manual physical therapy that minimizes treatment duration with fewer visits and documented results. We motivate you each step of the way through rehabilitation and recovery for even those “Hard to treat conditions”.

Take your recovery into your own hands and discover AMPT for yourself!



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